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Mission Statement: 

Mint Condition Mind and Body provides education and support for individuals to create healthy changes. By implementing small steps, healthy habit tools and creating joy along the way, motivation for healthy living is found. 


Mint Condition Mind and Body aims to build a business on the same principals that mind and body wellness are built on:

  • Education - Learn what you need to know to reach your goals. It's at your fingertips. Or pay an expert for even better results.
  • Joy - When joy is involved
  • Slow Build
  • Self Care
  • Starting Again

More About Jennifer...

Born and raised in Central Florida, I have a great affinity for this town. Growing up exploring Orlando and finding new ways to be active with my friends and family has been my motivation to stay healthy. From road races and triathlons, to new fitness trends and farmers markets, combined with the beautiful Florida weather, Orlando can provide many great opportunities to live life in Mint Condition. Despite all of these wonderful possibilities, navigating the world of health and wellness can be very challenging. That’s where I come in!!

With a BA in Sports Medicine and an MA in Physical Education (Sports and Fitness Track) from the University of Central Florida, I have a great understanding of, not only designing great workouts but how to do it safely. Since college I have also obtained an MBA from Rollins College, and became an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. With over 10 years of personal training experience, I have the knowledge that will help guide you to meet your health and wellness goals, safely and effectively. 

In addition to my strength and conditioning tools I am also a 300 Hour Yoga Instructor. Yoga kind of saved my life. Maybe one day I will be willing to share that story but until then know this, yoga has allowed me to integrate my mind into my physical exercise. It is a requirement for my everyday life and I love sharing it with others. 

Most importantly, my goal is to help you incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life, not the other way around. Changing your everyday life all at once can become overwhelming and produce poor results. This is why I bring the workout and accountability to you! I will meet you at the location of your choice with any equipment needed to make the exercising process as easy as can be. Locations generally include a space in your home, a community gym or pavilion, or a near by park. 

I am a fun loving Pisces that will always choose activities that are outdoors, on the water, and with great music when I have free time. I have two bulldogs (one French and one English) and love reading with them cuddled up next to me. Please feel free to message me below with any questions. 

Client Reviews

I've only had my first meeting with Jennifer, but I'm looking forward to working with her to achieve weight loss, strength and flexibility goals. She has excellent credentials and listens to the client, adapting the program to individual needs with clearly stated goals.

Carol L. on November 12, 2014

Mint Condition is fabulous! Jennifer is a wonderful trainer. She keeps me accountable, while working small workouts into my busy week. She comes to my home and preps my meals for 2 weeks at a time, Helping me to make healthy food choices, even when I'm on the go, without time for a sit down meal. The website is great as well, a wealth of knowledge on how to REALISTICALLY stay fit!

Amy M. on July 24, 2014

Jennifer is smart, healthy (inside and out), and a joy to be around. She came to our neighborhood at 5am to workout with the moms on our street in the driveway. She gave us accountability, creative ideas, goals, and structure. We all improved and felt better -- and had lots of fun with her! I highly recommend Thin Mint with Jennifer!!

Michele V. on July 22, 2014

Couldn't ask for more in a trainer! Jen is a delight to work with and she gets results. After a twin pregnancy that included bed rest I was horribly out of shape. Jen was flexible with my schedule and got me back into shape without injury - in part to her relentless dedication to good form. Her athleticism is an inspiration and her wonderful disposition makes workouts fun!

Kerry H. on July 21, 2014

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